2019 Scholarships

Scholarships are made available to students graduating from all schools in the South Lane Scholarship District.  Students from Creswell, Drain and Yoncalla are eligible as well for four scholarship awards.  Applicants must complete the application/survey form and attach four essays to that form.  Please carefully read the instructions before beginning the application process.

All applications are due by 3/14/2019 at 4:00 PM

To apply please use the following links:

2019 Scholarship Criteria

2019 Scholarship Instructions

2019 Cottage Grove Community Foundation Scholarship Application Form

The Cottage Grove Community Foundation Scholarship Program was established in 2002.  Our ultimate goal is to provide at least one scholarship for each student who plans to continue their education and increase our renewable scholarships.   Last year we awarded a total of 81 scholarships valued at $96,550. 

Scholarships awarded this year are funded through Endowment funds created through the foundation and the generous Donors in our community!