2017 Annual Dinner Gala







We are so grateful to our sponsors! Thank you for sponsoring tables!

Gary Ackley / George Devine                       Pacific Yurts / Smith Lund Mills

Robert Ball                                                     Roger & Eileen Russell

Banner Bank                                                  South Lane County Fire and Rescue

Cascade Home Center                                   South Lane Mental Health

Cottage Grove Garbage                                 South Lane School District

Cottage Grove Sentinel                                  Faye & Lucille Stewart

Lane Electric                                                   Umpqua Bank

Pacific Power                                                  Weyerhaeuser

         Pinocchio's Pizza                                           Ann White, CFP Cetera Advisor Networks





Congratulations to the class of 2017 scholarship recipients

The Cottage Grove Community Foundation Scholarship Program was established in 2002.  Over the last 16 years the Cottage Grove Community Foundation has provided 780 scholarships valued at a total of  $770,000.  Our ultimate goal is to provide at least one scholarship for each student at Cottage Grove High School who plans to continue their education and increase our renewable scholarships.   This year we will award a total of 80 scholarships valued at $98,580. 

Most of the scholarships which we will award this year are funded through endowment funds created through the foundation.  As little as $10,000 is required to establish an endowment fund which will provide scholarships forever!

We want to honor our donors and the 2017 recipients listed below!  All are graduates of Cottage Grove High School except where noted.



CGCF Permanent Fund – 2.0GPA, Open to all

Kiley Banks

Sophia Edelblute Caps

Quint Iverson

Hailey Lilly

Saunders Family Scholarship – 2.0 GPA, Business focus

Jessica Ray

Creager Family Scholarship – 2.0 GPA, Education or Dentistry focus

Ashlee Cook

Emma Meyers

Bauder Family Scholarship – 2.0 GPA, Business focus

Sokhoun Nhep

Savannah Palis

Rolnick/Withol Scholarship – 2.0 GPA, Mental Health focus

Victor Nicholas-Gaspar

Bud Stewart Memorial Scholarship – 2.0 GPA

Areanna Walters

Voorhees Honorary Scholarship – 2.0GPA

Anthony Sabin

South Lane Education Scholarship Fund – 2.0 GPA, CGHS for 4 years

Chloe Leczel

Class of 1970 – 2.0 GPA, CGHS or Kennedy 4 years, long term Cottage Grove residents

Brett Ollivant

Woodard Family Scholarship for LCC – 2.0 GPA, attending LCC

Raymi Piltz

Grace Taylor

LCC Chambers Family Scholarship – 2.0 GPA, CGHS, attending LCC, prefer vocational

Elizabeth Brown

Savannah Crump

Claudia Hernandez

Kelsey Sands

Rose Trozelle (Kennedy Alt. School)

Jim Wright Memorial Scholarshp – 2.0 GPA, preference in aeronautical or other engineering

Christopher Glesmann

Alberto Hernandez

Garren Taylor

Porter/Allen Memorial Scholarship – 2.0 GPA, preference vocational, technical career

Garren Taylor

Porter/Allen Renewable Scholarshp – 2.5 GPA, progress toward degree

Abigail Ladd, class of 2016

Territorial Seed Company/Marlece E. Arthur Memorial Scholarship – 2.0 GPA, preference:  business, forestry, agriculture, veterinarian medicine, attending LCC or OSU

Elizabeth Brown

John and Inga Gorny Memorial Scholarship - 2.75 GPA, preference:  veterinarian medicine, animal husbandry, may be renewable

Mackenzie Roberts, class of 2015

Roger and Eileen Russell Scholarship – 2.5 GPA, education focus

Clover Rudicel

Krista Parent Scholarship – 2.5 GAP, education focus

Hannah Albrecht

Orlie Kingzett Memorial Scholarship = 3.0 GPA, education focus

Allie Harris

Elizabeth Stewart Memorial Scholarship – 2.0 GPA, preference to vocational programs, plan to attend OSU

Meilani Pang

Mildred Smith Memorial – a female student who has shown they are focused and have turned their grades around

Samantha Munoz

GRIT – Graduate Really Intent on Thriving – a student who has shown they are focused and have turned their grades around.

Celeste Pelham

Brunaugh/Nelson Music Scholarship – 2.0 GPA, music focus, CGHS

Matthew Goes

Chloe Leczel

Cottage Grove PeaceHealth Medical Scholarship – 3.0 GPA, medical focus

Adrienne Farris

Erin Foreman

Samantha Munoz

Brett Ollivant

Elizabeth Poe

Grace Taylor

Dr. Joseph & Mrs. Abbott Memorial Scholarship – 3.3 GPA, Medical focus

Meilani Pang

Magnolia Gardens CNA Scholarship – 2.5 GPA, for CNA program only

Abril Leal-Coronel

TNTT (Trauma Nurses Talk Tough) Scholarship – 2.5 GAP

Victoria Raade

Margaret Mae Anibal Memorial Scholarship – 3.0 GPA, high focus on career goals

Seth Chambers

Clover Rudicel

Margaret Mae Anibal Memorial Renewable Scholarship – 3.0 GPA. Maintaining focus on college and career goals

Scott Anderson – class of 2016

Sara Bass – class of 2015

Carrie Calkins – class of 2016

Kale’a Galbreath – class of 2016

Molly Goossens – class of 2014

Malena Kester – class of 2014

Ronan Hall – class of 2015

Kolby Owens – class of 2015

Ryan Quick – class of 2014

Mackenzie Roberts – class of 2015

Michele Portmann Memorial Scholarship – 2.75 GPA, CGHS, attend Oregon school, first generation to attend college

Adrienne Farris

Madisen Howland

Michele Portmann Memorial Renewable Scholarship – 2.5 GPA, Oregon School, making progress toward degree and career

Justin Bennett – class of 2015

Luke Bennett – class of 2015

Carol Crum – class of 2016

Kaitlyn Erner – class of 2014

Mckenzie Husko – class of 2015

Upasna Sharma – class of 2014

Cottage Grove Rotary Scholarship

Hana Albrecht

Seth Chambers

Erin Foreman

Madisen Howland

Brett Ollivant

Garren Taylor

Sara Witty

Sumer Solesbee Nursing Scholarship – 3.0 GPA, Oregon School, CGHS, Nursing career

Abril Leal-Coronel

Erin Foreman

Sumer Solesbee Renewable Nursing Scholarship – 3.0 GPA, Oregon school, progress toward nursing degree

Faith Dunn – class of 2014

Board of Realtors – 2.0 GPA

Rose Trozelle – Kennedy Alt. School

Alberto Hernandez