Giving Information

The Cottage Grove Community Foundation is excited and very interested in speaking with you about a potential gift to our community. We invite you to contact us at your convenience to discuss this possibility. Here our a few FAQs about our giving programs:

What progress has the Foundation made towards its mission?

Since 2002 the CGCF has:

  • awarded over $178, 000 in small community grants to nonprofits supporting our community
  • awarded over $1,181,900 to 1121 graduating seniors from the South Lane School District
  • from a large endowment established in 2009, awarded an average of $30,000 a year to Reaching Out Mentoring Program for at risk students in the South Lane School District

What are our current Endowments?

      • Believe in Angels Endowment Fund
      • Brunaugh/Nelson Memorial Scholarship Fund
      • Carlton Woodard Fund
      • CGCF Administrative Fund
      • CGCF Permanent Fund
      • Charlie Stovall Scholarship Fund
      • Community Sharing Endowment Fund
      • Cottage Grove Board of Realtors Opportunity Scholarship Fund
      • Cottage Grove Community Chest Fund
      • Cottage Grove Community Medical Center Foundation Community Healthcare Needs Fund
      • Cottage Grove Community Medical Center Foundation Constance J. Keith Fund
      • Cottage Grove Community Medical Center Foundation Joseph T. Abbott MD Fund
      • Cottage Grove Community Medical Center Foundation Leslie S. Godard Fund
      • Cottage Grove Green Earth Fund
      • Cottage Grove High School Graduating CLass of 1970
      • Cottage Grove Lions Club Endowment Fund
      • Cottage Grove Rotary Scholarship Fund
      • Dian Missar Endowment
      • Elizabeth Stewart Memorial Scholarship Fund
      • Frank & Pamela Simpson Family Endowment Fund
      • Frank & Pamela Simpson Family Scholarship Fund
      • Friends of Cottage Grove Athletics
      • Friends of the Cottage Grove Public Library Endowment
      • Gloria Discerni Memorial Scholarship Fund
      • Howard  Bobette Peterson Scholarship Fund
      • Janice Neely Memorial Scholarship Fund
      • Jeannie Morton & Jacquie Johnson Endowment Fund
      • Jim Wright Memorial Scholarship Fund
      • John & Inge Gorny Endowment
      • Kris & Paige Woodard Fund
      • Krista Parent Scholarship Fund
      • M. "Bud" & Sandy Stewart Scholarship Fund
      • Margaret Mae Anibal Educational Mentoring Fund
      • Margaret Mae Anibal Scholarship Fund
      • Mary Clark Memorial Scholarship Fund
      • Michele Portmann Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
      • Mildred Smith Scholarship Endowment Fund
      • Porter/Allen Family Scholarship Fund
      • Roger & Eileen Russell Scholarship Fund
      • Sabrina Dake CNA Endowment Fund
      • South Lane Education Scholarship Fund
      • South Lane Family Relief Nursery Inc. Endowment Fund
      • Sumer Solesbee Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund
      • Territorial Seed Company/Marlece E. Arthur Memorial Scholarship
      • Tom Wheeler Compassion Fund
      • Veatch Family Fund
      • Women and Children Assistance Fund

Who can and should leave a legacy?

  • Anyone who benefited financially from or values living here and wants to help now and in the future
  • Anyone seeking a permanent way to continue philanthropic giving after their death
  • Anyone wanting to support a nonprofit organization serving people in our area

How is my legacy supported by the Foundation?

  • All donations are administered in compliance with the donor's interests
  • All fund distributions support causes in the Cotage Grove area unless designated otherwise by the donor.
  • Funds are professionally managed, endowments are held by the Oregon Community Foundation (link here and other Ă’Links section too)
  • Gifts or bequests may be named for the donor or to honor others.
  • Grants or scholarships are administered by the Foundation for purposes indicated by the donor.
  • All funds are distributed free from partisan, sectarian or commercial control

Do I commit now or in the future?

  • As you think about estate planning, consider a gift or bequest to the Foundation designated to your favorite program, service or community need.
  • Consider designating the Foundation to receive the remainder interest from a charitable trust. For more information about charitable trusts, please contact us or see (Link here)
  • If you have inherited money or other sources of funds that you want to use to support your passion, please talk to us about your options.

How much do we accept for donations and what difference does that make?

  • Any amount may be donated and designated for a specific purpose, e.g. grants, scholarships, operations or a specific organization.
  • To establish an Endowment Fund which will provide annual funds in perpetuity, at least $10,000 must be donated. The donor specifies a specific nonprofit agency or other area of interest for annual income distribution from the fund.
  • Donations of any amount can be made either with unrestricted use or with designation of a specific agency or area of interest.
  • Donations of marketable securities like stock may be made on a pass-through basis with distribution of the funds to nonprofit organizations of the donor's choice

Are donations and bequests tax deductible?

  • The Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 organization and all donations are tax deductible.
  • In most cases, donors do not incur tax on capital gains for gifts of appreciated property.